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Booking Tips

Why Focus on Bookings?

Bookings provide you with an environment to present your products, opportunity, and superior personal service, as well as the chance to turn your prospects into customers and business associates. In essence, bookings transform you from an outsider into a professional because they give you the time and place to conduct business.

So put yourself in business by filling your schedule with opportunities to share your benefits with others and make a difference in their lives.

Get Psyched!

The first steps in filling your schedule with parties is to strengthen and solidify your belief in what you have to offer future hostesses. Take a moment to reflect upon the many benefits your hostess, your guests and you will enjoy as a result of a successful party.

Describe what you love most about our hostess program.

List the free products, discounts and benefits the hostess of your highest party received. Remember how excited and grateful she was.

What do your guests enjoy about your presentations?

How do you benefit every time you hold a group presentation?

Identify Your Calling Style

When it comes to making calls to schedule either parties or opportunity interviews, most consultants have a preferred style. Yours may be to carry your list of names and numbers with you and use stolen moments to call a prospect. This lighthearted approach prevents some consultants from over-thinking the process. As long as you approach each conversation with a clear intention of what you want to have happen during the call, you can make calls on the fly.

On the other hand, some consultants prefer to maintain a single focus in an environment they know won’t take them by surprise. If you’re among them, a block of time set aside on a pre-determined day might be best. Decide upon your preference and what approach fits within your unique lifestyle. Arrange your schedule accordingly.

How do you prefer to measure your calling performance?
○      A specific number of calls made throughout your week
○      A specific time blocked on your calendar to make your calls

Set Your Intentions

At the top of your Prospect List, place these desired outcomes in the order of their importance to you. You want the person you call to:
○      Book a party of her own
○      Attend a party or open house
○      Schedule an individual opportunity interview
○      Refer a friend who may be interested in your jewelry or business opportunity
○      Give permission to call her back

Plan Your Conversation

While you may begin with the help of a script, the sooner you gain experience, the sooner you can personalize your approach to fit your personal style. This will result in a more natural presentation and one that will resonate with others. You might consider customizing the script to support the top three intentions you identified in the above exercise.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

For some, scheduling parties and opportunity interviews is one of the most challenging aspects of growing their business. If this is something you can relate to, just say, “Ready, Set, Go!” and jump in. Then answer the following questions, which will guide you through a process that can neutralize your fears.

What is your greatest fear with regard to asking for a booking?

What’s the absolute worst thing that could come from asking?

What’s the absolute best thing that could come from asking?

How will booking more parties bring you closer to your goal?

What are you willing to give up to get more bookings?

Establish a 60-Second Pre-Call Ritual

Take the time to put yourself in the right frame of mind before making calls. You’ll need only a few moments to prepare yourself for success. Here’s an example many have found effective:

Sample Pre-Call Ritual:
1.     Review my “Why” for building my business.
2.     Review my short-term and long-term goals.
3.     Say out loud my intention for my call. I state both the intention I’ve selected from the top of my Prospect List and my personal intention – to make her smile or give her hope, for example.
4.     Let go of the outcome and enjoy the process!

Reward Yourself

Whether you make three phone calls to people on your list during a quick break at work, or schedule a marathon session of “roll dialing” for an entire hour one evening, treat yourself to something special so you are rewarded for enlarging your comfort zone. The more you do it, the easier it will become.

Moving Forward

So often our success with AZULI SKYE is more closely related to the person we become in the process, rather than to the words we say or the actions we take. Be the kind of person to whom others are drawn. A positive attitude, a caring spirit and an uplifting disposition are the true secrets to filling your schedule!


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