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Find the “stars” in your life

The Who Do You Know list is your most important tool for booking parties. After completing your list, place a star next to the people you think are most likely to hold a party or may be interested in the opportunity. The more you talk to people about holding a home party of their own, the more confident you will feel and the more courage you will have to call the rest of the people on your list.

However your friends respond, keep in mind that it is not personal. Their decision to have a party depends on what is going on in their life, and is not about you. Enjoy the process of sharing, and keep asking everybody you know. Only a small percentage of people will host a party, so the more people you ask, the more home parties you will book!

Use the memory jogger below to build your list.


  • Immediate family, friends, relatives and neighbors
  • Co-workers and business associates
  • Children’s teachers, PTA members and baby-sitters
  • Beauticians and manicurists
  • Clergy leaders and members
  • Childhood friends
  • Book, music or craft club members
  • Exercise and aerobics classmates
  • Kids sports team members
  • Fellow tennis players and golfers
  • Bridge, chess or social groups
  • Service organization members
  • Religious groups
  • Political organizations
  • Real estate or insurance agents brokers
  • Your travel agent
  • Hospital staff and volunteers
  • Retail store associates
  • Financial or legal professionals
  • Medical professionals
  • Family counselors or social workers
  • Teachers, professors and classmates
  • Library & Restaurant staff
  • Friends who love products like those you sell


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