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How to Handle Objections

When you ask for a booking you will occasionally encounter booking objections. Perhaps the customer is too busy, her house too small, she has few friends, or she has had little success with similar events. Accept objections as a natural part of your business and learn to overcome them effectively. This is another important step in mastering the art of booking the home party.

First, learn not to take “No” personally; recognize it simply as a request for more information. Consultants who expect objections and learn to respond to them effectively can often turn a “No” into a “Yes.”

Following are some examples of the most common reasons why Hostesses hesitate to book, along with appropriate responses. Become familiar with objections so you’ll be able to effectively recognize and respond to them.

Objection: Your Response:
“I don’t have enough time.” “That’s why you’d make a great Hostess! Busy Hostesses are best because you know so many people. When was the last time you got together socially with your friends? Don’t you think you deserve a night of fun with your friends?”

“My busiest Hostesses are always the most successful because they know how to get things done.”

“I need to check with my friends.” “That’s a great idea! Let’s pick a date and then you can find out if that’s good for them. We can always change it later.”
“My house is too small.” “Some of my most successful parties have been in small homes! We’ll just invite a few people who are really excited about seeing the line.”

“Don’t worry; the key to a successful party is quality, not quantity! If you want five guests, we’ll invite ten or fifteen, usually a third will come.”

“I don’t know that many people.” “You’d be surprised how many people you know that you haven’t even thought of! What about your neighbors, or the moms of your kid’s friends? How about the other women in your exercise class? If a few of them bring along a friend, we’re sure to have a great party.”

“When you invite your guests, tell them I have a special gift for everyone who brings along a friend.”

“How about getting together with a friend and co-hosting a party? You can both invite guests and then split the Hostess credit. Dual parties are twice the fun!”

“Everyone I know is already here now.”

“Everyone in my neighborhood has already been to a party.”

“That’s perfect! Your friends have already had a chance to see the jewelry and know what a great value it is. I’ve found that guests are never able to purchase all the items on their Guest Wish List at one party, so another opportunity to see my line in a week or so will give them a chance to continue adding to their collection.”


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