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Your “Who you do know” List

Did you know that the average person knows hundreds of people? However, most of us don’t even realize how many people are within our sphere of influence because we’ve never taken the time to look. By completing your Who Do You Know List you will begin to discover how many people you know. Completing this is the first step to filling your calendar for greater direct sales success.

The Memory Jogger below will help you think of the many people you know. Make completing this form fun. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Gather your personal address book, some business cards you’ve collected and any directories of organizations you belong to. Prepare the timer and then… Ready – Set – Go! List all the names you can think of without stopping for 10 minutes. At the end, marvel at the variety of names. Now it’s time to go back and list the phone numbers so you will be prepared to make calls. The true secret to success is to NOT stop there. Continue adding new names every day.

As you build your prospect list be careful not to prejudge whether or not someone will be interested. Many of your most valuable leads will come from the most unexpected sources.


  • Immediate family, friends, relatives and neighbors
  • Co-workers and business associates
  • Children’s teachers, PTA members and baby-sitters
  • Beauticians and manicurists
  • Clergy leaders and members
  • Childhood friends
  • Book, music or craft club members
  • Exercise and aerobics classmates
  • Kids sports team members
  • Fellow tennis players and golfers
  • Bridge, chess or social groups
  • Service organization members
  • Religious groups
  • Political organizations
  • Real estate or insurance agents brokers
  • Your travel agent
  • Hospital staff and volunteers
  • Retail store associates
  • Financial or legal professionals
  • Medical professionals
  • Family counselors or social workers
  • Teachers, professors and classmates
  • Library & Restaurant staff
  • Friends who love the category of product you have to offer


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