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The Six Essential Steps of Hostess Coaching

Here’s an eagle’s eye view of the Six Essential Steps of Hostess Coaching. Following these simple steps will go a long way to ensuring the party is a success.

  1. Initial Coaching – You will present her with her Hostess Handbook packet and review the first steps.
  2. First Coaching Call –Check on her progress with her Guest List, provide guidance on how to make guest calls and encourage her to get the list to you within the next three days.
  3. Second Coaching Call – Confirm receipt of her Party Guest List.
  4. Final Coaching Call – Build her enthusiasm and confirm the last minute details including directions.
  5. Pre-Party Coaching – Prior to the guests’ arrival, take ten minutes to 1) learn about the guests who are coming, 2) ask who is most likely to book a party and 3) determine who she thinks would make a great  Consultant or could use more fun or income in their lives.
  6. Post-Party Coaching – Make the most of each party by contacting the “no-shows” and asking for a booking or a referral.

You should create a Hostess Handbook Packet for each hostess. The hostess packet contains everything your Hostess needs to plan for a successful party.

At AZULI SKYE we recommend the following:

The Hostess Handbook may be presented in a large white 9”x 12” envelope, a high-quality folder or an attractive gift bag. Your local Dollar Store should have a wonderful selection of attractive folders and gift bags at very reasonable prices.

Each Hostess Handbook packet should contain:

  • 1 Catalog
  • 2 Order Forms
  • 1 AZULI SKYE Hostess Handbook
  • 1  Hostess Rewards Flyer

Organization Tip: Many Consultants find it helpful to keep all Hostess Handbook supplies in hanging folders in a portable filing box or crate. When you need to assemble Hostess Handbooks, simply pull from each file folder and place them in the envelope.

In my next blog posting I’ll go over what you should do in each of the above steps.


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