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Recruiting Seeds

Use these recruiting seeds at parties or while out and about. Always leave them thinking about you, or wondering more about what you are talking about!

These are questions to ask someone or ask at parties for your RECRUITING SEEDS:

  • If your house payment was made for you 4 times a year, would that make a difference in your family’s budget?
  • If you didn’t have to make a car payment out of your regular monthly paycheck, would that help you out?
  • If you could work 5 days for just 2 ½ hours and potentially earn $125 each time, paying off your investment and still have $425 in your pocket for Christmas…would you be interested?
  • Is there a credit card bill you are afraid to open? Why not try let AZULI SKYE help you pay it off?
  • Are you loving your job? Are you loving your pay? If not, you might be interested in what I am doing…..

Phrases that you might use at a party or when out and about:

  • I can’t believe I get to do what I do and call it a job…
  • I love empowering stay at home moms who want to have their own spending money
  • I help those in corporate America leave corporate American AND still keep up their standard of living!!
  • I offer a way for people to rise above their current situation if they are struggling financially
  • I show people how to make more money daily or monthly!!
  • I can show people how to change their income situations…
  • I can show families a way to pay for daycare and not spend their monthly paychecks
  • Through my business I am a financial lifeline if someone is looking for a Plan B
  • AZULI SKYE is so flexible we can create our stash of cash when we want it
  • When you want a new outfit do a party…want a vacation so some parties, want to make your house payment talk to me about AZULI SKYE
  • Would a $100 in free groceries help you every month or even every week… that’s 1 party!!
  • Do you dream about winning the lottery, sweepstakes….well you just did!! You just won the opportunity to receive cash every month…or do you want it weekly?? How often do you want to receive your earnings??


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