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Dress it up, wear it down, warm it up, or cool it off!


We’re accessorizing with our Spellbound Necklace and Earrings! We love this set because it is so versatile, easily wear them with your everyday look or a night on the town!  The beautiful mixed metals featured in these accessories make it easy to pair with both cool and warm tones.  We completed this look with our Mermaid Cuff, but the various shades make it look great with almost any bracelet!

Accessories for every look!

  1. Our first look is sophisticated and cool. The necklace adds a pop of color while keeping the look contemporary and sleek. This outfit can take you from work to drinks with the girls!
  2. Our second look is all about being comfortable and casual.  The mixed metals blend perfectly with the warm colors in the outfit while adding an extra layer of texture.

To Get the Look:









Leave a comment or photo to let us know how you’re wearing these accessories!

Montage, Three Ways!

To The Office

Add a little color to your work suit with the bright pinks found in our Montage Necklace and Earrings. The lovely pink hues will beautifully offset a mild grey business pant and pastel top!

A Night Out

Glam up your sleek little black dress with this bright pink set with silver undertones! Our Montage Necklace and Earrings have a pattern and color that will pair beautifully with your night on the town look.

Everyday Chic

Bring out your softer, romantic side by emphasizing the pink and brown tones of this necklace to help brighten up your neutral, season appropriate outfit!  A similarly colored accessory (like the lilac purse above) can really pull your outfit together and give you the perfect pop of color.



These are just a few of the ways you can wear the AZULI SKYE Montage Necklace and Earrings! Let us know your favorite or what you would pair it with!

To add these fabulous pieces to your wardrobe click one of the images below! And be sure to check out all of our Collections at!


Hi Everyone,

We are so pleased to share with you the success of our Sparkle Campaign.  We want to thank all of you for participating and helping us donate to a great cause.  We have been kicking it into high gear over here at the home office to produce beautiful Crystal Skye Necklaces and personal letters of support for these champions.

Yesterday we were able to meet up with The Pretty In Pink Foundation to gift them with all of the Sparkle Campaign Necklaces.  We are so happy to say that, because of all of those who have purchased one of our Just BeCAUSE  Necklaces, we were able to provide each one of their new champions with a beautiful Pink Crystal Skye Necklace!  It is so great to be able to put a smile on the faces of these strong, deserving women as they begin their fight.

We are so grateful that we have reached our first milestone goal and can’t wait for the next couple of months as we continue to pay it forward; thank you to everyone who has helped, but we are not through yet!  As the Pretty In Pink Foundation is our charity of focus, we will continue to work with them through November and December and we would love to keep this great streak going! All of us here at Azuli Skye are simply asking all of you to help us spread the word, and share the sparkle!

Our goal with this charity of focus is to support these women as individuals.  We felt that providing necklaces to each patient would be a way to let each person know that our thoughts are with them.  People all over the country and the world are supporting breast cancer awareness and research, but not all are able to show support to an individual currently fighting. We want to make these women feel special. To remind them that while the world is, of course, trying to find ways to cure this disease; we are also here to support you - the champion who is fighting.




Here at AZULI SKYE we are so excited to share with you the launch of our new Sparkle Campaign! We will be highlighting various charities each quarter as a way to give back and share the sparkle! To kick off this campaign we are so proud to announce that we will be working with The Pretty In Pink Foundation.  As most of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and for the months of October, November and December we will be helping to raise awareness and give back to those who are fighting this disease.

The Pretty In Pink Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers financial assistance to uninsured and underinsured people diagnosed with breast cancer.  People with little or no insurance may struggle to afford the care they need as quickly as necessary and this foundation strives to offer the means to help.

To help support those fighting this disease we have created a “give one, get one” style campaign as our way of paying it forward.  The Pretty In Pink foundation has deemed these fighters Champions and our goal is to provide these champions with one of our Crystal Skye necklaces and this is where we need your help! For each Just BeCAUSE necklace that is purchased, we will donate a Crystal Skye Necklace, in Rose, along with a special letter of support to one of their current champions.

We want to give these women a little sparkle, something to catch the light during a hard time.  A necklace to arm them in their battle and a visible reminder that there are people who are thinking about them and care; that we are here in support.  It is our hope that this gift will lift their spirits and help their day sparkle a little brighter.  So please help us reach our goal of helping all of their champions and let’s share the sparkle!