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The 4 Goals of Hostess Coaching

When hostess coaching you should focus on 1)  building rapport, 2) increasing her motivation, 3) providing instruction, and 4) showing your appreciation.

Do these four things and you’ll have fewer cancellations, higher attendance, and more profits!


Rapport is a harmonious connection shared between two people. When you build rapport with a Hostess, she senses you have a sincere interest in her. Interactions are warm and friendly and working together is fun and rewarding for both of you. Following are some ways to establish Hostess Rapport:

  • Send a warm, handwritten note
  • Find a common interest or hobby
  • Express your interest in her
  • Learn about her family
  • Use her name often
  • Offer sincere compliments

Perhaps the fastest and easiest way to build rapport with others is to commit to conducting your business with the five core principles of success. They are Trust, Respect, Service, Integrity and Authenticity. In fact, these five principles can do more to enhance your relationship with your Hostess than all of the above suggestions combined.


Each Hostess has a reason for holding her party, which falls into one of the categories listed below. Coach each Hostess according to her primary incentive to motivate her to work toward a successful party.

To receive free and discounted jewelry: Tell your Hostess: “I want to help you get all the free and half-price jewelry you’ve listed on your Wish List, so let’s set a goal to have at least 10 guests at your party!”

To help you build your business: Tell your Hostess: “Because I’m just starting out I need as many bookings as possible so please think of 3 or 4 people who may be interested in their own party.”  OR “I’m trying to win the Fast Start Reward Challenge. It would really mean a lot to me if we could shoot for $1000 in sales!”


In addition to rapport and motivation, it is crucial that you provide each Hostess with the proper instructions on how to make her party a success. Follow the Six Keys to Effective Hostess Coaching and schedule frequent calls with your Hostess to ensure she understands the next steps to take.


As you work toward a successful party, keep in mind that your Hostess is your most important business partner. Recognize that she is taking her precious time to support you in your business and introduce you to her friends, relatives and co-workers. This gesture of confidence in you and your product line should be honored with a show of your sincere appreciation throughout the coaching process. When we honor and appreciate the people who support us along the way, we strengthen our relationships and therefore our business.


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